Soft Serum Production Line

Serums are containers that house preserving or crystalloid solutions that contain electrolyte, water, and cellular nutrients and are injected through veins.
They are categorized into four types:
1. Crystalloid solutions to compensate for the reduction of fluids or electrolytes, such as ringer serum, ringer lactate, saline normal serum, sugary salty serum and sugar candy
2. Plasma replacement colloidal solutions to compensate for decreased intravascular volume such as dextran and homoxyl
3. Food solutions (replacement of intravenous nutrition) such as amino acid serum and intralipid serum
4. Solutions with special treatment such as mannitol serum
Crystalloid solutions may be used to replace electrolytes and water lost through diarrhea and vomiting. Excessive consumption causes sodium accumulation and excessive water in the body, pulmonary edema, and heart failure. Hypertonic solutions are used to treat water poisoning and increase the volume of pure water.
The production line includes: bag making machines, solvent and leak test devices, as well as the necessary autoclaves that are used to make the best raw materials.
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