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Publish Date :2020/06/14 - 10:50
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The report of the World Health Organization team visits Iran in the field of confrontation with Covid-19


The General Director of the International Cooperation of Ministry of Health  announced:

Dr.Mohsen Asadi Lari, General Director of International cooperation of the Ministry of Health, delivered a letter to the Ministry of Health and Directors of various departments of the Ministry of Health, in a letter from the World Health Organization to provide technical assistance to the outbreak of Covid-19 as well as the process of visiting Iranian services in the field of dealing with the Corona.

According to Webda, Dr.Asadi Lari, in this letter, added that the five member of World Health Organization delegation visited our country from March 3rd to March 13th,the year 2020, while meeting with the concerned officials  about the country's actions against Covid - 19. The visit was attended by representatives of the Chinese Red Cross and the German Institute, Robert Koch- institute

The General Director of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Health, on the World Health Organization's visit, the report said : In its report pointed out the determination of appropriate priorities and approaches on the country on early diagnosis, early treatment, Increasing the diagnostic test capacity of Covid-19, with the coordination of the Pasteur Institute, the allocation of specific hospitals of Covid-19 patients, and the commitment of physicians and medical staff and the quality of services offered, the National Campaign to Fight the Virus was the special focus of the World Health Organization's advisers

He added: Also, social spacing, shutdown of schools, suspension of crowded gathering and travel restrictions, including the actions of our country, have been described in the fight against the virus Covid-19

This report also stressed, cooperation and extensive involvement of media and social networks, religious leaders, the private sector, well-known and influential people about COVID19

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